Used Andrew (ASC Signal-CPI) 9.1M C-Band 4-Port Linear Pol Tx/Rx Motorized Earth Station Antenna



Used Andrew (ASC Signal-CPI) Earth Station Antenna, 9.1m Cassegrain, C-band
(Rx: 3.625-4.20GHz, Tx: 5.850-6.425GHz), Dual Reflector Gregorian, 4-port Telefunken Linear feed, (Special German 4-Port Feed which cost an extra $40K and gives you more gain) 3-Axis Motorized, with motorizable tripod mount, Hub enclosure 122cm (48inch), 117 (46inch) depth, 16-piece precision formed aluminum panels with heat diffusive white paint, galvanized steel back-structure.

with the following options:
4 port Telefunken feed – Standard Frequency
Motorization with LMKDS Outdoor Unit
APC-100 Indoor Controller
AZ/El Jacks with motorized Linear polarization
Brand: Andrew (ASC Signal-CPI)