AVL-Cobham .75m Ku-Band Fly Away Antenna

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AVL-Cobham .75m Fly Away antenna is an unused complete Cobham TracStar fly away antenna system. It comprises the antenna, the antenna tripod base, reflector panels, controller and hand-held controller.

These antenna systems can be programmed to automatically find the satellite and lock onto its signal. The total time to begin broadcastings is typically 15 minutes

AVL-Cobham .75m Ku-Band Fly Away Antenna

AVL-Cobham .75m Ku-Band Fly Away Antenna









Fully Automatic Satellite Acquisition, Peaking, and Cross-Pol Adjustment using GPS, Compass, and Level Sensor Inputs with Entry of Desired Satellite, Certified for Auto commissioning on select services.

We have a total of six antennas, one antenna is contained in two custom made transport cases, the other antennas are delivered in a good quality cardboard boxes.

We have six of these Cobham .75 they are in large cardboard boxes. They appear to be complete with handheld and controller.
MSRP is shown as $35,000


Cobham SATCOM Advanced VSAT Operations Guide v4.1