AVL 1.6M KU-Band Fly Away Mobile Antenna System

$23,500.00 $21,000.00


AVL 1.6M KU-Band Fly Away Mobile Antenna System

We have just taken delivery of a brand new AVL 1.6M KU-Band Fly Away antenna system, the model number is 2020 FA SNG Motorized Transportable FlyAway antenna system. The complete system is delivered in two cases. The positioner is shipped in the rugged rectangular case that becomes the antenna base when the antenna is deployed.

As you will read in the attached datasheet the antenna has full motorization and auto-acquisition of the chosen satellite.

This unit comes brand new from the factory as part of their pre-completion inventory, and it does not have the on-board control module that allows the full control capability. We offer it for sale either in its incomplete state for the price shown, or we will bring it up to a full operational state at an additional cost of $8,500











This 1.6m is complete in three cases, but it does not have an internal controller in the antenna. We have sent this one to Comlabs.
MSRP is around $50,000 new

AVL Fly Away Mobile Antenna Datasheet