Comtech EF Data CDM-840 Remote Router

We have the following in stock for sale:
Unused Comtech EF Data CDM-840 Remote Router
This is an unused Comtech EFData CDM-840 Remote Router – for us older satellite guys the first shock is that it doesn’t have a front panel with display and keyboard. The second shock is that it’s not called a Modem, but looking through the detailed specs, it looks suspiciously like a modem to me.

The modem/router thingy has only been here a few days and so we haven’t got into the M&C side to find out all of the options installed. As we do get in and look at the features we will update this listing.

Based on the label with the modem it highlights TX 15.35Mbps, RX 168Mbps and basic QOS. The previous owner said that the paid close to $8K

The unit is unused NEW in mint condition, all subject to prior sale.

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Comtech CDM-840 satellite router

Comtech CDM-840 satellite router-3