Satcom Resellers – Quantity of 2 Andrew (ASC) 9.1 meter 4-Port C-Band Transmit & Receive Earth Station Antennas for sale

What we have is X2 Refurbished Andrew 9.1m C-Band Earth Antennas for sale.
1. Refurbished Non-motorized (Fixed antenna), 2/4-Port Standard C-Band Feed non-motorized Andrew 9.1 meter 2 or 4-port C-Band Transmit and Receive Earth Station Antenna
Selling for $55,000

2nd antenna with the following options:
4 port Telefunken feed – Standard Frequency
Motorization with LMKDS Outdoor Unit
APC-100 Indoor Controller
Az/El Jacks with motorized Linear polarization
Selling for $75,000