Used CPI 400W Ext. Ku-Band TWT Amplifier

Satcom Resellers has the following equipment in stock for sale: Used CPI 400W extended Ku-Band TWT Amplifiers, model: VZU6994-A3 and VZU6994AD. Frequency range: 13.75 – 14.5 GHz, Each unit varies on the hours and the Heliax value. THese units are in stock tested and are in good working condition and we offer a 90 day warranty. The CPI VZU-6994AD 400W Ku-band Rack mount Amplifiers has the integral linearizers ($7800 upgrade per unit)

These 3 units are literally like new condition less than 500 beam hours, MSRP is shown as $32K + Linearizers options equal $39,800 each.

Although the customer request was for 750 watts twta’s we want to point out that these 400W units with Linearizers option provide more usable power then a 750W without integral linearizers.

The justification is to support these facts is that for standard usable power from a TWTA is PSAT -3Db (so effectively a standard 750W unit realistically allows operations up to 375 watts before effects inner modulation and varies products starts to degrade signal quality, however the 400 watt units that we are offering with integral linearizer allow for full operation and rated saturated output of 400 watts without inner modulation or spurious in band by products.

We can offer these units this week for an extremely attractive price.