Wavestream 100W KU-Band BUC



Wavestream 100W KU-Band BUC is unused in its original box. This is a BUC and requires L-Band input, it will upconvert it to an RF frequency of 13.75 to 14.5 GHz.

This Wavestream 100W KU-Band BUC requires AC power and has a cable for AC. We tested it using 220VAC.

This BUC does need a 10 MHz reference from the modem or modulator.

Wavestream 100W Ku-Band BUC

Using an Agilent power meter we measured the output prior to saturation at 123 watts at 13.75 GHz and 101 Watts at 14.5GHz.

Testing Wavestream 100W Ku-Band BUC

The complete test results for the Wavestream 100W KU-Band BUC can be seen in the downloads tab.

Taken from Wavestream’s datasheet::

Compact, Lightweight Package
Industry-leading Efficiency
Flexible Power Source
Instant On, No Warm Up Time

Wavestream 100W Ku-Band BUC Data Sheet