Comtech EF Data CSAT 5060 100W C-Band Transceiver



Comtech EF Data CSAT 5060 100W C-Band Transceiver

Each Comtech EF Data CSAT 5060-100 C-Band Transceiver, amplifier is in excellent condition and although we have no history of its past owners, we can say that based on its appearance it has never been deployed in an outside environment.


The manufactures literature presents some highlights of the transceiver:

The CSAT-5060 C-Band Transceiver provides superior performance, long-term reliability, and ease of installation.

A very price competitive product, the CSAT-5060 embodies the best design efforts of Comtech EF Data’s highly experienced RF engineering team. APPLICATION The CSAT-5060 is the perfect choice for any VSAT point-to-point application, including: • TDMA • DAMA • SCPC/MCPC FULL RATED POWER

The CSAT-5060 delivers the full rated power, or more, measured at the 1 dB compression point and at the output flange. You will know the useable output power you are paying for, and can receive full value for your investment.