End user selling near Was. D.C.

Here is the list of equipment that we have available for sale:

1x 3.7M Andrews dish

2x Andrews Smaller Dishes (at least)

5x Ericsson 4022 Receivers

1x Tandberg 4022 Receiver

1x Comtech 4022 SD Reciever

5x Tiernan 4022 Receivers

3x FOR-A FA-370 Time Base Correctors (SD)

1x Xaicom XTC-114D

1x Xaicom XTC-100D

1x AVCOM RSA-2150B

1x AVCOM PSA-45D w/ case

5x Pico Macom SSP10/2150A Satellite Power conditioned distribution amps

2016-12-20 10.25.14